Who I am

Who I am

I am a Full Professor of Civil Law and Legal Research Techniques by Applying Lateral Thinking in the Faculty of Law at the University of Urbino in Italy and member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts.

For some years, I have perceived that the teachings I received in my training were severely limited, as fundamentally based on the dialectical method and on the so called "Vertical Thinking", the first aimed exclusively at making one’s own opinion prevail over that of other interlocutors, without asking the slightest doubt of its real ability to solve a problem or to propose innovative or in any case more effective solutions compared to the previous ones, the second one based on routine procedures aimed to repeat what other people who had gained some degree of social visibility or credibility, often passed off as scientific, did or affirmed.

To overcome these limitations, I did various research on the subject, and I was lucky enough to get close to the thinking techniques of Professor Edward de Bono, who honoured me of his precious suggestions and teachings to empower my thinking skills. I experimented in various fields the techniques of Professor with astonishing results.

Professor Franco Angeloni

Professor Franco Angeloni

Subsequently I decided to attend specialist courses held by de Bono Master Trainers that enabled me to teach the "Six Thinking Hats" and "Lateral Thinking" techniques, giving me the qualification of Certified de Bono Trainer on Six Thinking Hats and on Lateral Thinking.

I therefore offer services on "Six Thinking Hats" and on "Lateral Thinking", both face-to-face and online courses. The courses are held both in Italian and in English.

For information on my activities and related costs you can contact me by sending an e-mail at info@potenziareilpensiero.it or calling +39 0861 246310.


The Palace of New Thinking

Recently I was designated by Professor Edward de Bono, as the only Italian University Professor, to participate in the worldwide videoconference "Alternative Approaches to COVID-19 Crisis Global Management", which was held in Malta under the patronage of the President of the Republic of Malta George Vella on 21st April 2020, in which took part various researchers who had already used the thinking technique of "Six Thinking Hats", who tried to propose their solutions to resolve the current epidemiological emergency.

At the request of Professor de Bono, I started to build the thought map (one of the characteristics of the "Six Thinking Hats" technique is constituted by the construction of a thought map) with my students, who attended with enthusiasm to the project.

I exposed my ideas during the conference, within the group dedicated to "Practicality, Acceptance and Action".

By clicking on the following link, it is possible to have some details concerning the event (The Maltese Government dedicated one of its palaces, "The Palace of New Thinking", to the events of thought): https://thepalaceofnewthinking.wordpress.com/

Do you want to empower your thinking?

Professor Franco Angeloni is also available to carry out short demonstration sessions free of charge during which he will illustrate the services offered.

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