Our courses on Six Thinking Hats

Our courses on Six Thinking Hats

Our courses are aimed to allow you to use the "Six Thinking Hats" independently. You will be taught both the single use of the hats and their systematic use, that is in sequence.

You will be taught how to use the hats individually, that is alone, or within a meeting with other people who use this technique, both to meet personal needs and business or professional needs.

You will be issued a manual in e-book format in Italian, a manual in e-book format in English and an access to the de Bono’s interactive platform.

Professor Franco Angeloni

In addition to the training activity, we also offer facilitation services, through which we will give assistance to the clients who have already attended our courses and who want to have our support in determined phases or moments of their activities, and consulting services, through which we provide direct consultation in relation to determined issues that our clients have difficulties in solving.

Distance or face-to-face courses

Our courses, either in Italian or in English, are held both online, through Zoom platform, and face-to-face, at your or at my place of work.

Certificate of attendance

At the end of the course, a de Bono certificate of attendance will be issued.



To facilitate your decisions, we indicate below the main advantages that you will achieve attending our courses on "Six Thinking Hats".

Economical advantages

The "Six Thinking Hats" technique avoids using resources in sterile activities and detects valid alternatives to reach your goals avoiding resorting to activities, more expensive and less efficient, that are normally practised to achieve those objectives.

Advantages related to the optimal use of time

The "Six Thinking Hats" technique considerably reduces the time of your thought process and that of your collaborators.

Advantages in detecting potential customers

The "Six Thinking Hats" technique allows you to detect quickly and with a reduced margin of error customers interested to your products and services and to optimally modulate your business and your communication and advertising techniques.

Harmony between styles of thinking

The different thinking styles among the participants in your meetings will no longer conflict with each other.

The use of thought modes

You will be facilitated to profitably use and quickly change the various modes of thought through the systematic use of hats.

Positive results prior to ego

It will be possible to avoid that your ego and that of the other participants in the meetings prevent you from achieving results with the contribution of all participants.

Your new way of thinking

You will have the ability of practising an easy and quick thinking process.

Parallel Thinking

You will achieve the so called "Parallel Thinking", through which thoughts of various participants of the thinking process mutually empower each other, avoiding contrasting situations that slow down or prevent the achievement of the various objectives.


You will be more creative as the "Six Thinking Hats", giving an effective structure to "Lateral Thinking", stimulate and encourage creativity.

Do you want to empower your thinking?

Professor Franco Angeloni is also available to carry out short demonstration sessions free of charge during which he will illustrate the services offered.

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